Cristian Ramos

May 20, 2020

“Bluefield achieved high impact, effective results for SSR Puna´s mine and plant maintenance planning (in Argentina), adapting to our requirements from the beginning and managing to focus our maintenance culture. Thus generating the following benefits:


  • Mine: development of component plans for the Chinchillas mine, thereby giving greater precision to the long-term visibility of the capital required to achieve our business plan
  • Plant: there was a notable change in terms of safety, resulting in zero safety incidents during the last 2 maintenance shutdowns.  Likewise, the development and implementation of a coherent and medium-term maintenance strategies allowed an increase in production of 10%, demonstrating that if we use an appropriate and simple management system, there is no need for large sophisticated tools to achieve an optimal result


Having this highly qualified talent, aligned to the requirements of our operation has been fundamental in achieving great results.”

Cristian Ramos

Plant Manager, SSR Mining Inc.