There is no substitute for detailed planning...

There is simply no substitute for planning the details of the project. The smallest item can cause the same delays as the largest item. The most control we have over a project or shutdown is during the planning phase. Once the shutdown starts we are at the whim of the people executing the work. After the planning has been done then there is an opportunity to optimise the plan and utilize Single Minute Maintenance to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the critical path jobs.

The other essential element is protecting the plan. This is a simple process as follows:

Review each task and ask what can go wrong (not unlikely things but the things that we always see that cause delays). Identify these and then either change the plan so that these cannot go wrong or develop a contingency. A good example of this is offsite component repair. If these items do not come back on time what is our contingency? Having a spare ready is an easy contingency.

There Are 4 Steps To Project Success:

  • People
  • Planning
  • Parts & Materials
  • Site Preparation

We hope that you find value from this checklist....