Calculating Workshop Capacity Requirements

Over the years, Bluefield has conducted multiple workshop and infrastructure studies. One of the most common studies is workshop capacity assessments to determine the workshop bay requirements for clients. While every site is different, there are a few guides and considerations that can be commonly applied. For example, using a ratio of 6 to 8 equipment per bay is a common first pass rule of thumb to estimate approximately the number of workshop bays required.

Although this is a great first pass rule of thumb, we find equipment availability plays a significant factor on the number of bays required. The lower the equipment availability, the higher the demand for workshop space to carry out maintenance. Utilising this method allows us to calculate bay requirements by comparing available bay hours against maintenance hours required by the fleet. Again, while this is not a perfect calculation, it will get you a little closer to the required bays. The table below shows the impact availability has on bay requirements as the fleet size increases based on a few assumptions.

We hope that you find value from this spreadsheet....