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Bluefield AMS is a proven leader in Asset Management, with the ability to assist clients in many industries, including mining, rail and gas, to sustainably get more from their assets; more throughput, more reliability, more uptime, more productivity and more cost reductions. Our methods ensure that the site teams own the improvements and therefore they actually get implemented. We use the latest technology to get results faster. To do this we draw on the experience of the individual along with the strong support of our 80+ team of engineers to deliver an unparalleled service solution. We seek out the very best talent in the field that understand the importance of asset management and sharing our beliefs: 
  • Equipment reliability starts with the quality execution of the lifecycle maintenance plan.
  • Software solutions should make it easier and less labour intensive to operate equipment within design limits and execute quality maintenance to a defined lifecycle management plan.
  • Maintenance management is about managing maintenance and reliability, whereas asset management is about making sure the physical assets deliver the best bottom-line outcomes for the business.
Bluefield is always on the lookout for experienced Engineers such as :
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Reliability Engineers 
  • Shutdown Managers etc
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If you couldn't find a role in our present vacancies, feel free to send through your CV via the
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We Are Hiring

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