Critical Spares Analysis

Spares are fundamental to maintenance and can be a source of major delay and loss associated with poor spares stocking strategy and poor spares management. Spares can cost a company a significant amount if there are too few and if there are too many held in stock. Bluefield has worked with many clients to provide the justification and analysis for the correct spares holding in both greenfield projects and also for operating assets. We have also found that poor spares management during ongoing maintenance can lead to many millions of dollars in spares wastage.


Deciding on what spares and what stocking strategy is not as simple as just getting the list of required spares from the OEM. It requires the site to understand their maintenance strategy, location, ability to forecast the need and lead times. Bluefield utilises all of these inputs plus others including the cost of the spare and potential cost of the failure to enable a clear decision and reasoning for:

  • Site stocking strategy
  • Catalogued parts as order on demand
  • OEM or supplier held key components under parts holding agreements or
  • Do not stock component and risk mitigation plans


While we tailor each task for the operating context of the site, one of the Bluefield templates that we have used includes the following components:

Critical Spares Analysis

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