Rail Yard Maintenance Capacity Analysis

July 22, 2021

Bluefield AMS assisted Aurizon to develop some concept designs and cost estimates for a major overhaul program, leading to a shorter timeframe and minimal impact on operations.



Aurizon required an extensive coal wagon maintenance program on 6,000 wagons over a 12-year period, due to wagons approaching half-life.

The Jilalan Rail Facility is the preferred site, and Bluefield was approached to provide a review of whether the current site operations were adequate for the proposed scheduled of work and develop a strategy for efficient project execution.



  • Stage 1: Developed concept designs for each site x 5.
  • Stage 2: Provided cost estimates for the chosen design.
  • Stage 3: Provided firm costings for client's chosen design, allowing additional budget for the development of a funding application.

Bluefield engaged with key stakeholders at every stage of the process.

The Results

The preferred concept designs for each site was agreed upon and the rationale behind each item was provided in a report.

Cost estimates were firmed up to +/-30% and the requirements of the services were analysed against the current facility capacity with a gap analysis carried out.

At each stage, all deliverables were presented in Aurizon in both report and presentation.



  • Minimising day-to-day operations of the site.
  • New facilities are built on a brownfield site.
  • All concepts focus on minimising shunting and vehicle movements safely and efficiently.
  • A shorter timeframe of the maintenance program will minimise the impact to Aurizon through a higher fleet availability over the 12-year program and will result in a reduction in costs.
  • Additional construction of facilities can be utilised for future locomotive overhaul programs and presentations.

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