Rail Maintenance Facility Upgrade

July 21, 2021

Bluefield Asset Management Specialists assisted Aurizon to upgrade one of their rail maintenance facilities, resulting in considerable improvements to safety, cost, fleet reliability and availability.



Aurizon wanted to consolidate its maintenance facility footprint while maintaining and improving on safety, cost-effectiveness, fleet reliability, availability and overall compliance.

Included in this work:

  • Transferring the mid-life maintenance program of 6,000 coal wagons to the Jilalan railyard near Sarina and additional details maintenance and inspections of 45 locomotives on-site.
  • Total project value: $7.5M.



The critical reviews included the following:

  • Civil - the requirement for all surveys, trenching and site preparation for the facilities, plus drainage.
  • Structural - the design criteria and sizes for the facilities with cladding requirements.
  • Electrical - the requirements for the electrical design and the existing electrical infrastructure.
  • Mechanical and Services for specific equipment, including compressed air, cranes, paint and grit equipment, dust extraction, lifting jacks, bogie and component overhaul equipment.
  • Hydraulics for fire services, potable and non-potable water reticulation.
  • Functional specifications for each facility.
  • Operational Readiness requirements.


The Results

Bluefield provided all necessary details and pre-design information to assist Aurizon as they moved into the project approval phase.

Bluefield is also positioned to provide support in the ongoing phases, such as specifications required for tenders, project-managing the construction of the facilities through operational readiness.

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