VIMS Data Analysis

April 21, 2017

Our client, the owner of a fleet of 789 trucks, asked Bluefield to provide a service to monitor the VIMS (Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer data from their 789 truck fleet.

Bluefield has significant experience in analysing this data and correlating the alarms and excursions from limits with other condition monitoring data such as oil analysis and oil top-up. Additionally, as the Bluefield team have been on site for various maintenance and reliability roles we know how to communicate with the site resources in order to extract full value from the data analysis and recommendations. Combining this with the breakdown information enables us to, not only provide the right advice early so that the maintenance team can operate in a scheduled manner, but we can also continually improve the equipment strategy.


The VIMS data was available but not being used to provide good information to the maintenance team in order to prevent failures and prolong component life.


Bluefield was able to start with a full lifecycle strategy for the 789 truck and then set up the VIMS data to provide the necessary information and professional analysis with practical recommendations. As always it is essential that this type of data is analysed in conjunction with a life cycle strategy, not in isolation to the intended strategy for maintaining the equipment.

The Results:

  • The Bluefield analyst identified injectors that were in need of replacement, brake packs not working, transmission slips out of range and many sensor problems
  • Our client now has the information required to take preventative actions in a timely manner to avoid failure and consequential component damage
  • The equipment operates more reliably
  • With the initial systems and processes set up the service can now be provided on an ongoing basis for a fraction of the cost of using full-time resources
  • Continuity of the reliability professionals can be provided and the knowledge of the equipment can be continually improved leading to increased reliability and reduced cost