Practical Equipment Strategies

April 21, 2017

One of the greatest mistakes that are often made when companies are developing equipment maintenance strategies is to create far too many maintenance plans for the system to be practical and manageable for the planning resources. Bluefield has recently created life cycle strategies for several pieces of mining equipment which were built in a manner that would allow them to be practically implemented.

Specifically, Bluefield was engaged to update the maintenance strategy for a P&H 4100 shovel. In creating the new system which had to be uploaded to SAP, Bluefield identified a method to group the annual Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) tasks into one plan so that the planner only had to manage one plan for the year and schedule the discrete tasks. This enabled the flexibility to complete the NDT inspections throughout the year as the scheduled outages allowed and also to minimise the administrative work for the maintenance planner.

The outcome of this project was a simple and effective maintenance strategy that can be implemented in practice with a minimal amount of administration, thus reducing the costs associated with the program and maximising the effectiveness.