Developing & Managing A Strategic Improvement Plan for Maintenance

April 21, 2017

Many businesses want to improve their maintenance performance but are unsure where to start and how to ensure the effort continues. The first step is to review the business performance against the strategic asset management model. Most maintenance audits and evaluations will do this step and provide the necessary ownership of the actions, however, the implementation of the actions is more difficult and the maintenance manager requires a method and tool to manage the improvement plan.

Bluefield was asked to assist our client to implement their improvement plan so that the evaluation outcomes could be translated into executed actions and the desired business improvement. The approach taken by Bluefield was to:

  • Review the strategic framework for the business
  • Insert the strategic pillars for the business into the Bluefield Strategic Improvement Tool
  • Insert the identified improvement actions and ensure that they are adequately resourced
  • Include a self-audit plan for critical procedures
  • Assist the maintenance manager to utilise the tool to manage and track the improvements and become proactive in their improvement activities

The Problem:

Our client, the maintenance manager, was struggling to implement the maintenance strategic improvement plan.

Our Solution:

Utilise our tool specifically designed for this purpose


  • The manager was able to track and record progress against the improvement plan
  • The improvement plan includes the Balanced Scorecard so that the improvements are linked to the business outcomes
  • The tool also includes a self-audit planning and tracking mechanism in order to be proactive with critical procedures and Safe Operating Procedures
  • Our client was able to manage the implementation of the improvement plan and keep their boss informed on progress as well as communicate the details of the plan to the broader business
  • By following a consistent plan the business outcomes were able to be delivered over time

Developing & Managing A Strategic Improvement Plan for Maintenance