Operational Readiness for Greenfield Copper Mine in Africa

July 22, 2021

Bluefield AMS assisted a greenfield copper mine in Africa to ensure their fleet was generating full value from Day 1 through deploying effective operational readiness.



Our client, a greenfield copper operation in Africa, was about to take delivery of their mining fleet. They had not yet started and planning or preparation for the fleet maintenance and operations.

The fleet consisted of:

  • 3 x 7495 shovels
  • 2 x PC5500 shovels
  • 25 x Komatsu 960 trucks
  • 8 x Komatsu 860 trucks
  • Associated ancillary fleet



Bluefield was able to provide one of our experienced maintenance managers and a senior mobile engineer.

The Bluefield team developed all of the necessary maintenance plans, spares strategies and structures for the permanent maintenance team.

When the permanent team was hired, the Bluefield team handed over to them to continue implementing what Bluefield had developed.


The Results

The site was able to start with the confidence that all of the planning was done, and the maintenance programs developed. 

After this project, Bluefield was engaged to support the client in their next project in Panama.

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