Operational Readiness for Coal Terminal

July 19, 2021

Bluefield AMS assisted a client to ensure their new coal terminal was supported by a fully functional Asset Management system from Day 1 of operations by applying our operational readiness process.


WICET had to deliver their new coal terminal which had experienced several project related problems. The operational readiness effort was only just starting halfway through the project execution and the team required Asset Management subject matter experts to set things up as they had not yet started to employ the full-time team.


  • Bluefield gathered a team of experienced specialists from our permanent team and coal terminal SME's from our network of associates.
  • The individuals were very experienced with the plant and the functional processes.
  • We developed a detailed plan for delivery and implementation on the plan.
  • We simplified the Asset Management system structure to enable more clarity in operations.

The Results

  • Bluefield was able to deliver the outcomes in a practical manner within the timeframe.
  • As our team was very experienced, we delivered above expectations and overcame problems as they arose.
  • We received an unsolicited letter of appreciation for the work.
  • The full-time team was able to start in a controlled manner and concentrate on the plant needs and not setting up processes, strategies, asset management plans and training on the run.

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