Mobile Equipment Fire Prevention

July 22, 2021

Bluefield AMS assisted our client to eliminate and prevent fires on their mobile equipment by removing hazards, improving maintenance standards and execution quality. The client saved up to $10 million per year in business losses.



Our client, a coal mine operator using a mining contractor, had experienced 20 mobile equipment fires over the previous 2 years.

The client had talked to the contractor in an attempt to resolve the situation, but they were unable to get the results.



Bluefield was asked to assist and review the maintenance of the contractor fleet. We instigate a plan covering the following elements:

  • Review the incident reports and identify the location of the previous fires.
  • Review and update the equipment specifications designed to prevent the onset of fires (e.g. fire blankets, sleeving).
  • Review and update the PM checklists that are designed to maintain the equipment in the condition intended in the equipment specifications.
  • Review the equipment to identify the actual conditions and locate that could lead to fires.
  • Ongoing review of the maintenance execution to ensure the PM program is executed adequately.


The Results

Over the subsequent two (2) year period, the contractor did not experience any further mobile equipment fires.

The client estimated that in addition to the reduced risk of harm to employees and business reputation through serious injury, they had also eliminated $5 - $10 million in annual business losses.

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