Mining Fleet Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

July 22, 2021

By working with a client to implement the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as their primary measure of asset performance, Bluefield AMS was able to assist them in gaining a holistic picture of their performance and pinpoint the highest value improvement opportunities.



Our client, an underground metals operation, wanted to understand the current underground fleet utilisation and identify the possibilities to increase productivity by utilising the current operational fleet more efficiently.

The main problem was a lack of objective understanding and measures of current utilisation.



Bluefield delivered the necessary information and education for the client to understand the practical aspects and requirements to implement an OEE measurement system and action the outcomes.

Bluefield identified the fleets that represented the opportunities based on constraints analysis.

Bluefield analysed the previous year's production data to provide a clear understanding of equipment utilisation and possibilities.

Results were presented to maintenance and production teams and managers for them to analyse the root cause where equipment throughput was lower than designed.


The Results

The mine started implementing the designed Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measured philosophy for their underground (UG) equipment KPI's.

As a result of this work, the client identified that their OEE was low, with unscheduled maintenance the primary contributor. They immediately launched projects to improve their maintenance practices.

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