Mining Fleet Availability Improvement

July 21, 2021

Using our in-house Bluefield Transformation project, Bluefield AMS assisted a client implement a series of cultural improvements that led to a 6-percentage point increase in availability, setting a new site record.



Our client was a maintenance manager who was new to a site. He inherited a large T282 fleet with an availability of around 84%, plus other fleets with similar or worse availability performance. He knew that 90% was a long-term sustainable fleet availability, so he asked several contacts who recommended Bluefield to help him achieve the transformation with 90% availability as the target.



Bluefield implemented our standard “Bluefield Transformation” project starting with the T282 fleet.  The process and subsequent actions were owned by the site superintendent and dedicated resource, who implemented the actions and agreements very well. The T282 fleet availability responded and in 6 months achieved the 90% target. This fleet had never before achieved this target in over 15 years. The site subsequently completed the same Bluefield Transformation of all mining fleets over the subsequent 12 months.


The Results

The T282 fleet has now sustained 90% availability for more than 18 months. All other fleets now achieve 90% availability. The business regularly receives visitors from other sites in the business to learn how they achieved these results. Bluefield has recently started the same process in the fixed plant.

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