Develop Asset Management Policy and Strategy

July 21, 2021

Bluefield AMS assisted a client in overcoming internal misalignment, building a common commitment to getting more from assets.


Our client, a greenfield site needed to implement their asset management policy and strategy. It was intended that the strategy would align with ISO55000 but be practical and easily understood for implementation.


Bluefield worked with other areas of the business to ensure there was an aligned strategy for asset management across all functional areas of the business.

The approach developed was simple and included the elements of ISO55000. It concentrated on fourteen (14) key practice areas within a broader framework.

The Results

Bluefield worked with the client to deliver a short policy and strategy that was easily understood and agreed to by the business.

As a result, the business could align around achieving the required outcomes, and following the required practices, without compromising the ability of the individuals and teams to continually improve the business. 

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