4100 Electric Shovel Shutdown Planning and Management

July 19, 2021

Bluefield Asset Management Specialists provided urgent assistance to a client, taking over a planned 4100 electric shovel shutdown with only three (3) weeks to go. We lowered the budget by $700K and beat it by a further $100K.


Our client urgently required assistance to manage their electric rope shovel shutdown.

Our scope included reviewing and finalising the detailed planning to ensure the duration of the outage was minimised as the machine was the site primary loading unit, managing the contractor, execution quality and costs during the shutdown and providing closeout reports post-completion.

Bluefield only had 3 weeks prior to the start date to prepare the details for this shutdown.


Bluefield's approach is to plan the details, plan the details, plan the details... and protect the plan. 

An experienced specialist was assigned to review the plan in detail.

The plan was refined, and contingencies were developed to manage the risks to ensure the outage duration was optimised and the costing estimates were realistic.

Bluefield also utilised our shutdown readiness checklist to ensure no details were missed.

Once in the execution phase, the specialised managed the project as per the plan.

The Results

The detailed plan was reviewed, and the budget was reduced from $4m to $3.3m. the actual spend was $3.2m.

The shutdown was completed on schedule even with some unexpected events during the shutdown.

With such a short lead time, we surprised ourselves how well this shutdown went.

The client was very pleased with the outcome and the professional manner in which the shutdown was managed and executed.

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