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Sep 15, 2020 6:40:05 PM

With the recent announcement from Bluefield AMS of our complementary partnership with Kepner-Tregoe in providing Project Management Training courses with a focus on Project Management in the mining industry, it is also very important to recognise the standing of Project Management within the rail industry.

The levels of Project Management are far reaching. At the upper end of the scale are the Project Managers who are responsible for the delivery of significant projects such as the Inland Rail and Cross River Rail for example. However, Project Management tools and techniques are just as important and useful in assisting Frontline Supervisors in Maintenance and Operational roles and assisting in making the challenges that they face, easier to manage with the Bluefield facilitated Kepner-Tregoe practical and systematic approach.

As the rail industry becomes increasingly more competitive with the outsourcing of once-core maintenance activities, it is vital for the Supervisor to have a good commercial focus and understanding of their team and activities and how they can affect the efficiency of the overall business and add significantly increased value to their customers. Even more important is the ability to be able to review a process by breaking down the steps and evaluating with a view on continual improvements.

Have you ever had a seemingly straightforward task run over time? Do you know the implications to your business and to your customers? Have you ever thought to yourself; Is there any easier way? Where did it all go wrong and why did I miss it? What can I do to make sure it never happens again, to my team or another?

Don’t worry, we have all made similar mistakes. The important thing is to learn and create opportunities.

The reality is if there are additional unaccountable hours or rework due to poor quality, these all add unwanted costs to the task while reducing the value add to the customer and lowering your effectiveness to deliver the schedule consistently. It is therefore very important for a Supervisor to understand and be able to explain and communicate to the team, the relationship between these constraints and how to eliminate any variances to the plan.

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