Effective Maintenance Supervision

Bluefield’s Effective Maintenance Supervision course is designed to help new, experienced, or aspiring supervisors and maintenance leaders build the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to manage their accountabilities and responsibilities - download the course synopsis, click here.

Bluefield creates a safe learning environment led by experienced facilitators and coaches who have been in operational roles and applied Local and National Legislation. The Effective Maintenance Supervisor course is designed to encourage participants to discuss their challenges and opportunities and empower them to be proactive as a leader. Bluefield will support participants’ ability to research National and local Legislation, Regulation and their own companies and site standards and processes to resolve issues in a professional manner.

The course teaches participants the importance of being proactive as a leader, and supports participants to build the confidence to apply these learnings in the workplace. All the while providing a flexible learning course structure fitting around participants’ existing work and personal commitments.


Bluefield training courses are structured to provide practical, hands-on learning experiences within your organisation, and are designed and delivered by asset management specialists with many years of experience working around the world.


Our Format

  • Pre-course self-assessment and 360-degree feedback activities for participants to capture individual learning needs and goals
  • An in-depth tailored program to address specific learning needs. This includes an optional, in-depth prerequisite module: “New to Supervision”
  • Diverse real-life case studies and examples, illustrated by the Bluefield team using audio, video and visual content to meet varying learning styles
  • Participants working 1-to-1 with a coach to clarify their individual learnings, and build new habits at their own pace, in their own operational environment
  • Flexible learning options to fit within participants’ hectic work and personal schedule
  • Post course self-assessment and 360-degree feedback activities to allow participants to review their progress
  • Ongoing 1-to-1 support for participants to create and implement their personal development plan at the completion of the course


Key Benefits

  • Gain an understanding of tools and techniques to develop a culture of safety and quality in their team
  • Understand legislative and company expectations in more detail
  • Learn techniques to manage people and get the most from them, as well as effectively deal with performance issues, conflict resolution and understand disciplinary processes
  • Manage risk and using systems such as field interactions and JSEA’s, in the most effective manner
  • Improved management of incidents and injuries
  • Reinforcing an empowered culture, and reducing the supervisor’s own personal workload
  • Creating a culture of work execution quality, equipment ownership and care driving improved equipment performance outcomes
  • Understanding the work management process so it can be implemented effectively and does not become a huge time burden
  • Eliminating duplication in work management processes and reporting

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Training Course Delivery Options

  1. Online Delivery - live-online webinars with the other an experienced Bluefield facilitator
    Option 1 - Online Delivery
  2. Face-to-Face Delivery
    Option 2: Face-to-Face Delivery
  3. Blended Delivery - online webinars with an experienced Bluefield facilitator, plus a face-to-face workshop onsite
    Option 3: Blended Delivery

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