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Bluefield has been delivering training and leadership support to clients for many years, covering topics such as work management, maintenance planning, maintenance supervision and management, project management, and reliability. We’ve traditionally delivered training in a face-to-face setting; however recent events have shown quite clearly the need to “embrace the new normal” and explore new ways of learning.


Bluefield Academy, which is supported by our partner aNewSpring, is more than just taking a traditional training course and putting it onto a website, or delivering it over Zoom. As we’ve learned from our own experience, online learning opens up a world of new learning approaches. 


Learning Approaches

  • Blended Learning - Bluefield Academy not only allows us to delivery information in various ways, including multimedia, interactive activities, quizzes, and surveys, but it also puts on-the-job learning at the heart of the experience.
  • Social Learning - Each course in the Bluefield Academy allows participants to chat with each other throughout their learning journey, and the courses are punctuated by regular webinars to allow them to discuss their experiences as a group, ask questions, reinforce key points, and learn from each other.
  • Flexible Learning - Our courses are built to be flexible depending on the individual learning needs of the participant - Why spend time learning what you already know, but rushing through what you don't?
  • Open to All - Bluefield Academy courses are suitable for a variety of participants.
  • A Variety of Subjects - Our courses are built in a modular format, which allows us to tailor them for different levels of experience, and to combine them in different ways to suit our client's specific needs.


Upcoming Courses

  • Effective Maintenance Supervision - this course is designed to help new, experienced, or aspiring supervisors and maintenance leaders build the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to manage their accountabilities and responsibilities; to learn more about the course, click here.


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