My Asset Management Life: The Turn of the Century (Part 2)

By: Leon Best

Bluefield Round Table: 48-Week vs 52-Week Maintenance Interval

Bluefield has recently participated in maintenance strategy development and improvement projects with several different clients. Discussions regarding the optimal frequency have been a hot topic of conversation. So, we threw the following question out to our most experienced maintenance professionals:

Achieving 110% Availability, and other “Value-Adding” Initiatives

By: Leon Best and Peter Lee Over the years in Bluefield, we have seen and been involved in many improvement initiatives.

My Asset Management Life: The 80s, 90s (Part 1)

By: Leon Best

Why Bother Training a Good Maintainer to be a Supervisor?

By: Tom Houston Doesn’t a good maintainer already know most of what maintenance is all about?

Introducing the Bluefield Effective Maintenance Supervision Course

Bluefield AMS is pleased to announce the launch of our new Effective Maintenance Supervision course.

Bluefield Announces New Scholarship to Support Young Engineers

Bluefield is excited to be supporting the development of the next generation of engineers through the funding of a new scholarship with the University of Southern Queensland (USQ).

The Ten-Question “Audit” - Part Two

By: Matthew Grant In Part One of this series, we talked about the first five questions in Bluefield’s Ten-Question AM Assessment tool, our attempt to produce a short, simple way for sites to focus on their main value-adding improvement opportunities. In this second and final part, we’ll cover the final five questions.

The Ten-Question “Audit”

By: Matthew Grant We recently published an article on how we’ve revised our approach to reviewing and assessing our clients’ asset management practice and capabilities.

Why Workplace Signs are a Bad Sign

By: Matthew Grant Every Friday, Bluefield has a Weekly Lessons Learned meeting, where we share what we’ve learned during the week and how we can apply it to improve the way we work.

Introducing the Bluefield Academy

Bluefield AMS is thrilled to announce the launch of our online learning platform: the Bluefield Academy.

Bluefield Round Table: The Secret to Effective Transformations

We recently released an article describing how our Bluefield Transformation process can help sites bring about long-lasting change in their business. Over time, we’ve learned that success in these projects isn’t guaranteed, but the value they create is more than worth the effort.