Bluefield Round Table Discussion: The Perfect Pre-Start

At Bluefield, we believe that the pre-start meeting is one of the most important contributors to the success or failure of a site’s asset management strategy.  It’s not only the last chance to ensure that all of the work done to build the strategies has actually reached the people who have to implement it, but it’s an essential part of build a culture of proactive maintenance.  Our Bluefield...

When a Maintenance Schedule KPI Compliance Focus Hurts the Business

Author: Colin Sheldon

Monitoring Of Maintenance Quality For Safe Operation - People-Centric Control

Why aren’t we treating critical maintenance controls in the same way as critical safety controls?Why aren’t we treating critical maintenance controls in the same way as critical safety controls?

Why Incomplete "Simple" Maintenance Tasks Hurt The Most

It frustrates planners and maintainers alike, affects maintenance KPIs and strategy compliance, and can be a costly error where contract or specialised labour is involved… But then why do seemingly simple maintenance tasks fail to be completed as ‘scheduled’?

Setting Maintainers up for Success

Are you giving your maintainers the information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively?  

The Challenge of Defects

How do you quickly check maintenance effectiveness and machine condition? How well are your planned inspection and maintenance processes working? As a maintenance manager, a simple yet effective method of getting a quick insight into maintenance effectiveness and machine condition, is to take the Maintenance Superintendents or Supervisor, select a few pieces of equipment and conduct a 20-minute...

Don't Miss Critical Maintenance Tasks

By Colin Sheldon

Why PM Checklists Have Become Ineffective in Managing Failure Modes

We have done a significant amount of work through our Bluefield Transformation Projects to enable people to improve work execution quality. A large part of the work execution task requires quality completion of the PM checklists.

Workshop Execution Quality

When breakdown maintenance gets out of control, proactive maintenance management can take a back seat to “fighting the fires”, leading to a spiraling decline in availability. Recently, Bluefield worked with a client to improve the reliability of their underground mining equipment. With the implementation of a simple metric called Run Time After Service (RTAS), Bluefield focused the maintenance...

A Simpler Way To Improve Maintenance Quality

A simpler way to improve maintenance quality

Improving The Quality Of Maintenance By Reducing Human Error

Let’s face it. We are all human and we all make mistakes. Mistakes degrade the quality of our work and introduce defects. Not noticing that a mistake is made or a machine is not functioning does not make a person stupid or foolish. It just means that we don’t have a system in place for preventing or detecting these mistakes in the first place. The challenge is how to detect and eliminate these...

Operation RAP

Bluefield Reliability Awareness Program (Operation RAP) In response to the market Bluefield has released its Reliability Awareness Program (Operation RAP). Many people in the industry are keen to increase the knowledge of reliability and quality of work but are unable to take people out of their teams in order to send them to a class based training program. Operation RAP allows the trades people...