Bluefield Round Table – Worst Defects

Bluefield regularly undertakes asset inspections and asset integrity assessments that expose us to the best and worst of asset conditions. We’ve learned a lot over the years both from finding major equipment defects, and then understanding how they came to occur. We asked our specialists the following question: 

Operational Readiness: Early Stage Checklist

Put the right amount of focus and resources into operational readiness in the early phases of the project. 

Calculating Workshop Capacity Requirements

Download a simple tool to estimate your workshop bay requirements. 

Bluefield Transformations: Focus on Work Quality

The quality of maintenance that is applied to an asset has a great effect on reliability. People and culture are difficult to improve and as such is usually ignored. 

Bluefield Round Table – Learning from our Big Mistakes

Once a week, the Bluefield team gets together to discuss the lessons we’ve learned over the previous week. Frequently, these lessons come from mistakes that we’ve made, so we share them with the team to give the benefit of our experience so that others don’t repeat them. This time, we’ve decided to share some of these lessons publicly. We asked some of our team members the following question:

Bluefield Round Table – Improving Operational Readiness

Bluefield recently published articles about Operational Readiness, the importance of getting it right, and how to ensure it succeeds (read them here and here). Many of our team members have worked extensively in the field of Operational Readiness, so we asked them the following question:  

Is Your Equipment Being Lubricated Correctly?

A 700 tonne per hour ore beneficiation plant saves $70,000 per annum in greasing costs due to incorrectly set up automatic lubricators. 

Round Table – CMMS: Taming the Beast

What are the biggest problems with how sites set up and use their CMMS? 

Bluefield Round Table – Improving Project Management

What is the one thing that sites could do to improve their project management practices? 

Simplifying Root Cause Analysis Part Five: Getting to the Root Causes

Don’t stop your RCA half-way through.  Turbo-charge your learning.

Round Table: Proactive Maintenance

What is the biggest challenge that prevents mining companies from implementing the culture and practices of Proactive Maintenance?

Becoming a Good Maintenance Manager – Part Three: Common Errors to Avoid

We asked seven seasoned maintenance managers about their experience and list out some common errors to avoid.