Safety Discussion – Managing Workplace Changes

Oct 26, 2020 4:36:00 PM

By: Bluefield AMS

We’ve been posting regular “Round Table” discussions for more than a year now. During that time, the Bluefield team have shared their thoughts and experience on a variety of topics. Now, we’d love to invite everyone in our network to join in with the discussion.

Safety is obviously front-of-mind for all of us. During a recent webinar in our Effective Maintenance Supervision program, we held a safety share on the topic of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Steve Smith, our facilitator, shared the following example of a serious incident that arose from the smallest, simplest change to the work environment.

Below is an edited transcript of Steve’s safety share.

We had a ladder that the pilots used on the only aircraft type we operated to clean the windscreen after every shift. (Then) we acquired a new aircraft of a different type, which was slightly higher.

So, we purchased a new ladder, and it was the most expensive, safest one we could find. But within the first couple of days, one of the pilots (fell from it).

He completely forgot that this ladder was higher, and he'd been stepping off the old ladder every day for many years, with his memory of how many steps were involved. I think it was two rungs that he normally stepped off.

It never crossed our minds that we needed to reinforce the fact that this was a higher ladder.

He damaged his knee and was off for about 6 weeks.

It's amazing the things that we can overlook, quite easily.


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