Safety Discussion: Effective Safety Interactions

Nov 23, 2020 8:14:22 AM

By: Bluefield AMS

In a recent article, we discussed the effectiveness of Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s). Some of the comments talked about safety interactions being one way to enhance safety and ensure that the JSA’s are effectively being followed and managing the risks of the job.

However, safety interactions aren’t always the solution. During a recent Webinar in one of our Effective Maintenance Supervision courses, one of our Asset Management Specialists shared an example.

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Safety Interaction Share

A relative of one of our Asset Management Specialists was working on a coal mine when he was approached by a staff member performing a safety interaction.

The conversation began with the common question “Have you done your pre-start risk assessment?” to which he replied “Sure mate, here it is. Would you like to go through it?”.

The person performing the safety interaction replied “No, I don’t want to read it. I was just checking you had done one”.

This defeated the entire purpose of performing a safety interaction.

Unfortunately, at this particular mine site the personal risk assessment had become a ‘check-the-box’ exercise that staff members could use to police their contractors on without adding any value to the safety aspect of the job as intended by the exercise.


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