My Internship Experience with Bluefield

Feb 23, 2021 2:40:01 PM

My Internship Experience with Bluefield

By: Leanne Petty


For twelve (12) weeks, I had the incredible opportunity to work as mechanical engineering intern with Bluefield AMS. Throughout my time in the role, I worked on a range of projects; I helped develop asset management plans (AMPs) for a major company in the rail industry and was able to use the experience to build AMPs from scratch for another client in the mining industry. I also completed in-depth research into the statutory maintenance requirements for the same site and produced a document to detail my findings for the client. Finally, I completed some data rationalisation and analysis for a water truck mapping exercise. Having previously had experience only with mobile mining equipment modifications and design, I felt fortunate to be part of such a wide variety of projects which gave me invaluable exposure to both new industries, as well as new areas within the mining industry.

The thing enjoyed most about working with Bluefield was the culture. As soon as I walked in, I felt welcomed and part of the team. In addition to this, Bluefield strives for open and honest communication both internally and with clients. I loved the collaboration which this ideal allowed, as it helped me to learn and grow more than I thought possible in such a short period of time. For example, I struggled in the role initially due to my lack of industry experience and knowledge, but I found myself drawing extensively from the expertise and understanding of people throughout the company, all of whom were more than willing to guide me. This allowed me to produce thorough documents which I felt proud to submit for review.
The openness of communication also meant that I could voice any challenges I faced or any learnings I found which I believed would benefit the company as a whole. An example of this was in a situation where I was struggling to find the information I needed and was recommended to ask for it in a Request for Information (RFI) document. Upon talking to one of my team members, though, I found that both the client and my team had been struggling to keep track of all the RFIs which had previously been issued. Working with my supervisor, I then developed an RFI Register to track all RFIs for a given project, and any information relevant to them. I presented the concept during a company meeting, and the idea is now working its way through the IT pipeline.
This experience also helped to solidify with me my largest learning from this role – the importance of clear and concise communication. Other major learnings I had included a vast amount of technical knowledge, as well as an understanding of how vital proactive asset maintenance is. I have learned and applied project management strategies and processes from the project kick-off to the close-out and have gained an appreciation for the breadth of possibility within an asset management role.
I would like to thank my supervisor, managers, and the team for all the support and assistance throughout my time at Bluefield. Their openness, as well as their dedication to creating value above and beyond what is expected, will guide me in all my future roles.


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