My Bluefield Internship Experience

Feb 10, 2021 2:51:00 PM

My Bluefield Internship Experience

By: Kumar Varun


Over the past seven weeks, I have had the amazing opportunity to work for Bluefield AMS as an electrical engineering intern. My role over this period has been to support the experienced Asset Management specialists and working on various critical projects with major clients.

What I liked about my internship

There was never a dull moment during my internship experience with Bluefield. The biggest highlight was being given the opportunity and responsibility to work on different projects in multiple industries within a short frame of time. In my first week of internship, I was supporting the Bluefield team on a rail project, working to develop Asset Management Plans (AMPs) for a set of wagons assisting with coal haulage in the Hunter Valley NSW.

Following this, I was given various opportunities to apply my skills on several mining projects. I learnt how to use SAP Plant Maintenance, and how it assists with operations and preventative maintenance. Then, I got to apply my learnings in the industry, working for a major mining client on analysing their SAP master data to identify irregularities, improvements and capture value. Besides SAP, I also gained experience in defining statutory maintenance requirements for mechanical and electrical assets at a major QLD open cut mine. I was even lucky enough to get exposed to an international project, assisting with advice on the design of electrical systems for a proposed mine in Nigeria. It is incredible for me to have worked on such vast projects in a limited time.

Aside from projects, I have been fascinated by the Bluefield’s culture and values. When I started from day 1, everyone made sure I make the most out of my internship experience and support was always present when needed. I am impressed by Bluefield’s strong desire to share and collaborate their knowledge and experiences with the industry. I have enjoyed reading various published blogs and case studies which highlighted learnings from various projects Bluefield has been engaged on. The focus on sharing learnings emphasises the company’s aim to provide practical solutions to the industry.

Challenges I faced during my internship

There were some challenges I did encounter during my internship, which as a result provided opportunities for me to learn. The biggest and most recurring challenge for me working on all projects has been my lack of industry experience. While I came into this role with previous internship experience in the Oil and Gas industry, I had no experience in the rail or mining sector. I have never been to a mine site and unsure of the operations and maintenance of equipment. As a result, I often found it very difficult to interpret the various on-site mining equipment as I worked from project to project. I did not want this to hinder my mining experience, so I proactively researched about mining equipment and reaching out to the more experienced Bluefield staff for guidance.

Key learnings from my internship

Throughout my time with Bluefield, I have been exposed to endless learning opportunities and invaluable industry experience. I have gained a lot of technical knowledge about the mining and rail industry, specifically about heavy mining equipment and assets. I learnt about the importance of proactive maintenance of assets, and the importance of developing and maintaining asset management plans.

Apart from technical learnings, I have also learnt about the importance of open communication between clients and stakeholders and that Communication is crucial in ensuing there is no gap between client expectations and deliverables. In addition, I have learnt about managing projects through the entire process from kick-off to close-out. I gained an appreciation for challenges and conflicts that often arise throughout the course of a project and how they should be resolved.

A big thanks to my supervisor for supporting and giving me the wonderful opportunity to experience working for Bluefield, and to everyone at Bluefield for making me feel part of the team.


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