Kepner-Tregoe Inc. and Bluefield AMS Announce License Agreement

Dec 15, 2020 6:59:05 AM

Kepner-Tregoe Inc. (KT), a global capability development and consulting company, has entered into a licensing agreement with Bluefield Asset Management Specialists Pty Ltd. (Bluefield AMS) to deliver and implement KT products and services in Australia and New Zealand.

The license agreement will take effect on 01 January 2021 and cover all KT consulting and training operations in both regional markets.  KT and Bluefield have cooperated closely since 2019 when Bluefield implemented the KT methodology in its operations. Bluefield AMS is a specialist asset management services business with deep experience in the Australian mining industry and other industries with critical assets. Bluefield has a wide portfolio of services including strategic planning, analysis and optimisation, project management, as well as training and leadership support.

In looking for an outstanding partner for licensing its services, KT found Bluefield possessed the ideal mix of industrial experience and business development potential to assist in its global growth objectives. “There is a strong alignment between the foundational culture at Bluefield and the KT approach to systematic thinking. It was clear from the beginning that a partnership between the two companies would be a great fit.” Bill Baldwin, CEO, Kepner-Tregoe.

This licensing agreement is a win-win and provides Bluefield the opportunity to use their extensive asset management expertise to expand beyond mining and service all industries that have large capital investments in critical equipment.

“This is great news for organisations who wish to reap the benefits of implementing KT methods to increase operational efficiency and productivity while reducing cost. I have personally used the KT tools for many years and they have always delivered significantly improved business outcomes. This agreement with KT will enable us to expand the value delivery for our current clients and for the current KT clients in the region.” Gerard Wood, Managing Director, Bluefield AMS.


About Kepner-Tregoe

Kepner-Tregoe (KT) provides capability development and consulting solutions across the world to help organisations resolve the most pressing issues with speed and confidence. Founded in 1958, and based on ground-breaking research on how people think, solve problems and make decisions, Princeton-based Kepner-Tregoe helps organisations achieve Service and Operational Excellence by improving quality, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. The KT methodology is used at every level of client organisations: to implement strategy; achieve continuous improvement; increase customer satisfaction; and drive effective issue resolution throughout the organisation.

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