Kepner-Tregoe and Bluefield – A Truly Complementary Partnership

Jul 6, 2020 8:06:33 AM

Bluefield and Kepner-Tregoe have been working together for several months since we announced our strategic partnership.  We asked representatives from both companies to discuss the nature of the partnership, what they were looking to achieve, and how the relationship has been developing over time.

Drew Hislop, General Manager, Bluefield

From a Bluefield perspective, the partnership with Kepner-Tregoe solidifies a project management methodology that we have been using internally for many years in the mining and resource industry.

We have invested in training a number of our principal specialists to become KT accredited coaches, and as such are in a position to combine our extensive mining / heavy industry experience and practical project management knowledge with the tried and proven KT Project Management Framework, and to deliver this knowledge to mining professionals.

As partners, Bluefield and Kepner-Tregoe can add sustained value for our clients by building the internal capability of project management to their project and maintenance teams. The Project Management framework can be incorporated in all aspects of managing assets, from scheduled down days, PCR and overhaul programs, debottlenecking projects, planned shutdowns to large capital projects.

Training and coaching our client’s internal staff enables ongoing project management excellence, resulting in assets being repaired and transitioned back to operation on time and on budget.

The methodology of developing a detailed plan, and then protecting the plan through risk mitigation and contingency planning has proven to be successful time and time again, resulting in quantifiable value by minimising project overruns and unbudgeted variations.

Undergoing the KT train the trainer program has equipped our senior specialists with the ability to transfer industry relevance and knowledge to professionals looking to sharpen and develop their practical management capability.

The joint vision of our partnership is to develop the skills and capability within our client organisations so that projects, when internally managed, are well defined, clear objectives are developed, work scopes are adequately established and resource requirements properly planned, and the project plan is protected to ensure effective execution and seamless transition back to normal operations.

Ishita Terry, Consultant, Kepner-Tregoe

We at KT and I personally are very excited about the value we can bring to the Bluefield client base through our partnership. For almost 19 years I’ve worked with KT’s clients, developing their teams to think more critically.  Whether it be in managing large and complex projects or through helping them to apply our problem-solving toolset to improve product quality, asset performance, employee productivity and operational results. At KT we work by a number of basic beliefs, and I believe that 2 of these are also at the core of what Bluefield stands for.

Use Clear Thinking with a Passion

We will encourage a drive and passion for the ideas that provide solutions for our clients and colleagues through the use and transfer of KT's Clear Thinking processes.

Create Value for Clients

We will add value to client organisations by producing measurable results.

Ultimately for both KT and Bluefield, its about building capability within our client organisations so they don’t need us there in the long run.

 It’s a truly complimentary partnership!