Jason Crouch on Project Management Training Program

Jun 17, 2020 9:37:43 AM

Author: Jason Crouch

I attended the Kepner-Tregoe Project Management training, facilitated by Bluefield Asset Management Specialists (AMS).

Bluefield ran the training as a workshop. The content of the training covered the full life cycle of a project, with each of the four stages being addressed in detail. These stages being the project definition, project planning, project implementation and communication with a worked example being developed for the different components that make up each stage.

Throughout the workshop, we were given time to work on the actual examples in smaller groups as well as utilising the Kepner-Tregoe tools to work on developing the Project Management framework for our own workplace project. This included developing work breakdown structures, identifying resource requirements, assigning responsibility and sequencing and scheduling deliverables.

The content was very focused on not just the “how” of completing a project but also the “why”, showing how the different stages of the project definition and project planning phases interact together. The “why” provided more clarity and detail to the benefits of ensuring that shortcuts are avoided as by skipping a step in the earlier stages of the project development will result in missed details or resource planning in the later stages of the project planning and execution.

Towards the end of the workshop, we had the opportunity to put all our knowledge to the test by completing the project implementation phase of the case study, where each team member was assigned a role and provided separate pieces of information. From this information the team was required to manage parts, resources, scheduling and cost for the manufacturing of a robot. This was more challenging than first thought, as like any real-world projects, the implementation didn’t go without its surprise changes along the way causing chaos for the teams constructing the robot. Upon the completion of the manufacturing of the robot, the tallied costing is presented, and the robot trialled for functionality, where a winning team is selected based achieving the criteria outlined in the case study.

I thought the best thing about this workshop was how it tied the content together, showing that different phases of the definition and planning processes interact together along with the real life examples provided by the Bluefield AMS facilitators of where things have gone well and sometimes not so well and why.

I would definitely recommend this training to my peers as the workshop has something to offer to both people who are new to Project Management and also people who have been working in the industry for a length of time and wanting to upskill.