Ishita Terry - KTANZ Training Specialist and Manager

Oct 14, 2021 1:39:00 PM

Ishita Terry manages the Kepner Tregoe brand for Deloitte Australia and New Zealand.

Brief introduction of Ishita and her experience.

Ishita Terry is a training specialist, consultant, client relationship manager and manages the overall operation for the KT brand for Deloitte in Australia and New Zealand.

Ishita has 30+ years of experience gained in various roles in science, sales, marketing, and for the past 20 years, process consulting, training & development. In addition, the past 12 months has been focused on transitioning the KT brand to a license arrangement and managing the Kepner-Tregoe operation in Australia and New Zealand. 

Ishita is most passionate about designing solutions for clients around improving problem-solving and project execution capability to drive business results. 

In addition to managing the operation, experience includes being a qualified and experienced “Train the Trainer”, designing solutions for clients, and delivering consulting engagements and training workshops. Ishita has experience working locally and internationally (having been based in Singapore for 5 years) with clients in a wide variety of sectors, including mining, manufacturing, technology, government, banking and finance, transportation, consumer goods and telecommunications.


What do you want to achieve working for Deloitte?

I’m looking forward to consolidating the great work we’ve done while with Bluefield and becoming an integral part of the Deloitte team. We have lots to offer in the space of professional development and driving business results through effective critical thinking and I’m excited to understand how we can complement the Deloitte consulting service offerings. Personally, I look forward to collaborating with the Deloitte teams to deepen my knowledge and skills and learn new frameworks and methods to deliver even greater value to our clients.

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