Introducing the Bluefield Effective Maintenance Supervision Course

Aug 26, 2020 4:44:00 PM

Bluefield AMS is pleased to announce the launch of our new Effective Maintenance Supervision course.

The course is designed to help new, experienced, or aspiring supervisors and maintenance leaders build the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to face their accountabilities and responsibilities. It’s delivered by one of our asset management specialists, who have many years’ experience working in various industries and sites around the world. (Take this free Effective Maintenance Supervisor Quiz to see where your current level of capabilities and competencies are at.)

The course provides participants with:

  • A detailed understanding of their employer expectations.
  • Methods and toolkits to manage day-to-day supervisory activities in an efficient and effective manner.
  • A practical, interactive learning experience, with real-life examples to use in the workplace
  • An opportunity to practice using the methodologies on real-life problems and scenarios.
  • An approach to enable ongoing coaching and mentoring


Course Structure

The course is structured with seven modules, plus an optional pre-requisite module for new supervisors. In the final module, participants review and reflect on what they’ve learned, and prepare a personalised improvement plan to build on the gaps they’ve identified throughout the course. The Bluefield facilitator supports and guides each participant individually.



  • Prerequisite Module – New to Supervision



  • Module 1 – Legislative Requirements & Company Specific expectations
  • Module 2 – Leadership, Teamwork and Culture
  • Module 3 – Work Management and Quality Work Execution
  • Module 4 – Risk Management, Preventing the incidents
  • Module 5 – Incident and Injury Management, what to do when it goes wrong
  • Module 6 – People Performance Management
  • Module 7 – Personal Development Plan and Practice


A Blended Learning Approach

The learning activities within the Effective Maintenance Supervision course are designed in alignment with a model of blended learning to ensure maximum return on training investment. Participants will find the course highly interactive, with an emphasis on practical application. Bluefield encourages the participants to bring their own workplace challenges to the course and work on them throughout the relevant modules.


Pre- and Post-Course Self-Assessments and 360-Degree Feedback

To ensure that participants gain maximum personal benefit from course, and demonstrate a return on investment for their time, they will be invited to complete a self-assessment of their supervisor skills before and after the course. The self-assessment is supported by a 360-degree feedback activity from their own team.

Working with their leader, coach, and the Bluefield facilitator, participants use the results to help identify strengths and opportunities for improvement that can be included in their Personal Performance Plan. And through the repeat activity at the end of the course, they’ll also see how they’ve developed as a supervisor.


Multiple Delivery Options

Bluefield understand that supervisors are busy people and are often located on remote operational sites. Therefore, we have developed three delivery options for this course.

  • Option 1 is fully online, utilising our online learning platform, the Bluefield Academy. Each module is delivered online using different media formats, and is supported by a webinar to allow for discussion, group learning, and to reinforce critical points.
  • Option 2 is delivered face-to-face, either on site or in a central location
  • Option 3 is a blended delivery, with the modules delivered on-line, followed by a one-day face-to-face workshop to reinforce key learnings and prepare the personal development plans.


Customisation to Suit Your Business

We understand that companies want to use their own material where possible, ensuring that their team learns about the processes, systems, and tools that they have to use every day. Bluefield can prepare and customise the course to incorporate the participants’ own material, including key messages delivered by senior company leaders to set the context and reinforce expectations.

If you are interested in assessing and reflecting on your current capabilities and desire for developing future leadership skills, you can click here.

To learn more about the Bluefield Effective Maintenance Supervision course, please contact us today.