Introducing the Bluefield Academy

Aug 19, 2020 4:47:00 PM

Bluefield AMS is thrilled to announce the launch of our online learning platform: the Bluefield Academy.


Bluefield has been delivering training and leadership support to clients for many years, covering topics such as work management, maintenance planning, maintenance supervision and management, project management, and reliability. We’ve traditionally delivered training in a face-to-face setting; however recent events have shown quite clearly the need to “embrace the new normal” and explore new ways of learning.


Bluefield Academy, which is supported by our partner aNewSpring, is more than just taking a traditional training course and putting it onto a website, or delivering it over Zoom. As we’ve learned from our own experience, online learning opens up a world of new learning approaches. These include:


Blended Learning

People learn in many ways, but most importantly, we all know how quickly knowledge from a course fades if we don’t put it into practice! Bluefield Academy not only allows us to deliver information in various ways, including multimedia, interactive activities, quizzes, and surveys, but it also puts on-the-job learning at the heart of the experience.


Many activities are based on helping participants understand and use their own company’s systems and processes, and courses finish with each participant working with a coach to build a personal development plan to build and sustain the skills they need. We can continue the coaching after the course for as long as desired.


Social Learning

Online learning doesn’t mean participants are on their own. Each course in the Bluefield Academy allows participants to chat with each other throughout their learning journey, and the courses are punctuated by regular webinars to allow them to discuss their experiences as a group, ask questions, reinforce key points, and learn from each other.


Participants will find the courses highly interactive, with an emphasis on practical application. Bluefield encourages the participants to bring their own workplace challenges to each course and work on them throughout the relevant modules.


Flexible Learning

One of the biggest benefits of online learning is that it’s not one-size-fits-all like traditional training. Our courses are built to be flexible depending on the individual learning needs of the participant – why spend time learning what you already know, but rushing through what you don’t?


Our courses involve a self-assessment and 360-degree feedback activity at the start, allowing participants to understand the areas they need to focus on and develop. Based on this feedback, some courses have optional modules and activities for participants who have less experience or want to refresh their knowledge in particular areas. We can then repeat the self-assessment and 360-degree feedback at the end of the course, which shows participants how they’ve improved (and demonstrating a return on investment).


Open to All

Bluefield Academy courses are suitable for a variety of participants. Many companies right now are understandably reluctant to have their teams gather in a face-to-face setting. For others, their teams may be working in remote areas, or are simply unable to travel due to restrictions. However, we’ve also discovered that many people prefer the self-paced aspect of online learning, allowing them to spend an hour here-and-there over several weeks, rather than packing everything into two or three days.


Bluefield also understand that companies want to use their own material where possible, ensuring that their team learns about the processes, systems, and tools that they use every day. Bluefield can prepare and customise courses to incorporate the participants’ own material, including key messages delivered by senior company leaders to set the context and reinforce expectations.


A Variety of Subjects

The first course in the Bluefield Academy is our Effective Maintenance Supervision course, which is for new, experienced, and aspiring supervisors. However, we’re continuing to build new courses to cover our full range of asset management and project management services, from Strategic Asset Management Planning, to Work and Shutdown Management, to Reliability Engineering, to Leadership.


Our courses are built in a modular format, which allows us to tailor them for different levels of experience, and to combine them in different ways to suit our client’s specific needs.


To learn more about the Bluefield Academy, please contact us today.