Craig Wellington - KTANZ Training Specialist Consultant

Jan 26, 2021 8:04:00 AM

Craig Wellington is one of Bluefield's new Training Specialist Consulting for our Kepner Tregoe's tools and training courses.

To welcome Craig to the Bluefield family, we asked him a few questions of his background, current role and what he wants to achieve whilst working for Bluefield.

Brief intro of who Craig Welling is.

I was born in Aylesbury UK just outside of London, Although I grew up in New Zealand and consider myself a Kiwi (can’t lose the accent). Currently living and working in Sydney, Australia.

I have a passion to remove complexity and inefficiency when it comes to handling Situations, Solving Problems, Making Decisions, Protecting Future Plans and Maximising Future Opportunities.

In my professional career, I have had the opportunity to handle a full spectrum of complex situations, difficult problems and work with individuals to make crucial decisions whilst avoiding the impact of potential future problems and maximising future opportunities.

Through my work I’ve had the pleasure to help people in a number of industries including Horticulture, Carpentry, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Manufacturing and Information Technology.

Tell us a recent project you've worked on. How did it add value to the client?

Working with a Food Manufacturer to consolidate a number of Factories across Australia and New Zealand into one central location:

  • A decision had previously been made to move away from the packaging a division of the Business (2.5m p.a. rev) had been using, which was a well-established, trusted and loved brand. This concerned a number of folks especially the Sales Manager for that Business division. In order to avoid the potential problem of losing trade, I escalated the matter accordingly to Senior Stakeholders (Sponsor & CEO). As a result of the escalation it was decided to remain with the existing Brand. As it was last minute and during the Christmas period, I had to personally manage acquiring the printing plates, new design specifications and approvals, to ensure timely creation of enough packaging to facilitate the delivery of product to the existing Customer Base in the trusted brand.
  • During my time on the Program I needed to spend some time on the ground with the Business in NZ. I was engaged by a member of the sales team who was in a predicament. There was a planned meeting with one of their biggest customers and if it did not go well it had the potential for them to lose a lot of new Business. However, the product intended for the meeting had been destroyed due top improper storage. I informed the individual that this was out of scope of my Program and would not be appropriate for me to get involved. He confirmed understanding but persisted, appreciating the dilemma I engaged the Sponsor of the Program to confirm it was okay for me to step in and help out, after receiving the Sponsor’s blessing I proceeded to manage expediting the product from Australia to NZ. This involved having the product freighted by air with a lot of dry ice increasing the cost dramatically (normal shipping channels would not have met the deadline by weeks). The product arrived and I was informed the meeting was a success. This activity prompted a review by the CEO into freight movements with the realisation the company had overspent the last year by 1m+ for freight, due to poor planning leading to product being expedited too often. This resulted in notice being given and a ban on any all expediting of product delivery incurring additional cost.

What do you want to achieve while working for Bluefield?

I am excited to now be working with Bluefield Asset Management Specialists as a cohesive unit.
Achieve the short, medium and long term business plans internally as well as and most importantly our Customers.

I plan to self-develop across the board to become a leader in the respective field/s to be in the best position possible to support our Customers in successfully achieving their Business Objectives.

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