Bluefield New Perth Office

Jul 31, 2018 3:09:16 PM

Bluefield is excited to announce our new Perth office, based at 200 Adelaide Terrace in the city.

Western Australia is an area of growth for Bluefield in terms of both size and importance.  The Western Australian minerals industry is diverse not only geographically – spanning from the far North of the state to the South-West – but also covers a wide variety of commodities beyond iron ore and gold.

In recent months, Bluefield has deployed our asset management expertise to help a number of Western Australian clients across a range of commodities and services:

  • We have undertaken Bluefield Transformation projects in fixed, mobile and infrastructure operations in the Pilbara. Our practical Bluefield Transformation approach concentrates on making sustainable maintenance improvements by creating a culture based on quality execution and discipline, rather than re-engineering processes or purchasing expensive technology.  Many of our clients have seen their unplanned downtimes reduce by several percentage points, and report a happier, more engaged workforce.


  • We have undertaken lubrication reviews and improvement projects for iron ore clients. Our hydrocarbon specialists have experience in all aspects of lubrication selection, fluid cleanliness and contamination control, and apply a structured assessment and evaluation process that focusses our clients on making improvements in up to ten different areas of lubrication management.


  • We are assisting a client to develop a remote asset health monitoring tool for their mobile mining equipment. Bluefield’s asset health specialists apply their experience to identify and set acceptable limits for operating, monitoring and intervening to manage the condition of mobile assets.


  • Bluefield also offers specialised staffing solutions for clients who need temporary support to fill vacancies or supplement their existing technical teams. We are providing a maintenance planning and project management function to an iron ore client to assist with shutdown management.

To contact our Perth office, please call 1300 931 543 or email