Bluefield Launches webRE: an Industry-First Free Remote Consultation Service

Jul 30, 2020 4:51:00 PM

By: Gerard Wood

Working with maintenance teams on mining sites throughout Australia, Bluefield has long utilised internal systems and electronic channels to collaborate and solve clients’ equipment failures and issues faster.

“It occurred to us that others in the industry would also find this useful, so we decided to extend this service to our broader network through the creation of webRE” commented Gerard Wood, Managing Director of Bluefield.

webRE is an online portal that allows Reliability Engineers, Asset and Maintenance Managers to reach out and draw on Bluefield’s many hundreds of years of collective industry experience, to assist in solving equipment problems. And the entire service is offered free of charge!

A person on a mining site is able to submit an enquiry, detailing the failure or issue they are experiencing and attach supporting documentation such as images and reports. This is then submitted to Bluefield’s team of engineers and specialists who will collaborate on the problem and provide feedback and potential solutions for the site to implement.

The form is quick and easy to complete, and the respondent can expect a response within 48 business hours. Enquiries aren’t just limited to equipment failure issues either. Mining sites can also ask for recommendations and information about other asset management related matters. All enquiries are confidential, but some case studies will be anonymously shared so that the knowledge can assist others in a similar situation.

According to Wood, Bluefield’s objective is to be a part of improving the overall industry asset management and share our valuable information and experience, as well as add huge value directly to the mining sites that need assistance on specific issues.

webRE is an industry-first remote support service that’s available for free to all mining sites and will assist in identifying, resolving and preventing equipment failure.


About Bluefield

Bluefield provides specialist and practical services to the mining industry globally, working with resource companies and contractors of all sizes. The services offered by Bluefield cover the entire life cycle of equipment, from equipment planning and optimisation to operation and reliability improvement, and they stand alone in their ability to provide this breadth of service whilst staying focused on mining equipment. Bluefield does not provide theoretical versions of equipment maintenance or fleet performance, but advice based on hard-won experience, proven to add value to mining companies in the short, medium and long-term.