Operational Readiness: Early Stage Checklist

Aug 1, 2019 4:06:51 PM

Put the right amount of focus and resources into operational readiness in the early phases of the project. 

By Gerard Wood 

There is a lot of information about the importance of considering operational readiness in the early stages of projects such as concept, pre-feasibility and feasibility. Bluefield has previously written articles about operational readiness (see here and here). 

At times though, the work done during these phases can be too much and done too early. Bluefield believes that it is essential to consider operational readiness in the early stages of projects, but being practical about what work gets done in these phases. In reality, at the early phases it is just about allowing funds to do the necessary operational readiness work and setup the business for success.  

We have made available our checklist for these early stage activities as well as some of the proven ratios we apply in the budgeting process. The ratios have been tested on many projects and have always proven to be very good estimates.