Emma Dalton Graduate Experience

Sep 28, 2018 1:41:52 PM

Emma Dalton joined Bluefield as a graduate engineer in 2018, having previously worked for Bluefield as a student.  Emma describes her introduction to Bluefield and her experiences during her first few months in the mining industry. 

I commenced my career at Bluefield AMS as an engineering student, which soon developed into a graduate engineering role. The staff were very welcoming and as a female in a male-dominated field, there is nothing more comforting than immediately feeling like you belong. Within the first day I was already made to feel like I was part of the team. 

The culture at Bluefield is like nothing I have ever experienced before. At Bluefield the employees work as a team and no one wants to see a team member fail. The group is so willing to impart their vast pool of knowledge to their fellow peers in order to help them succeed in the work they do. The goal is for everyone to thrive and reach their full potential. There is no selfishness in our team and we all value honesty and integrity as our core principles. We believe that if you can’t be upfront and honest with each other and with the client then we aren’t doing our job properly.  

In the six months I have been working at Bluefield I have received an enormous amount of engineering experience through working on a wide range of projects. I have been lucky enough to work with a great group of mentors who have provided me with exciting opportunities that have helped me broaden my knowledge of the mining industry.  

My mentors have taken the time to explain in depth what they expect from me and are always happy to answer my questions, no matter how basic they may be. They believe in promoting skills development and ensure that I learn from mistakes to take key learnings from them and improve my work in the future.  

To date I have worked on projects with some influential clients in the mining industry. One of my first projects at Bluefield was spare parts analysis for a copper mine in Panama. Since then I have worked on equipment strategies and maintenance plans for process plant, large, small and support equipment. I have also worked for on projects in the coal industry involving dragline asset integrity and haulage optimisation.  

My experience has not been limited to mining.  I have also worked with a rail company assisting in the construction of an engineering report for rail transport equipment, which entailed a large amount of Italian translation and interpreting the reports and standards we were provided with from the client. These projects have allowed me to attend site visits and work out in the field, which has been beneficial to my learning and development.  

Bluefield has been a great foundation for my career and I am very thankful that I have been given this opportunity. I couldn’t think of a better start to an exciting career! I look forward to my future with Bluefield.