What We Learned At The APNGA Business Breakfast

Mar 14, 2018 4:26:45 PM

Bluefield AMS has been actively working in Papa New Guinea (PNG) since 2012, assisting miners and gas operators with engineering projects, allowing them to improve equipment reliability and ultimately perform more competitively.

Our participation in PNG is complemented by our support for the Australia Papua New Guinea Association (APNGA), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering common interest between Australian and PNG enterprises.

We even had the opportunity to reconnect with PanAust, a leading practice miner.

The connections we've built through the APNGA network has enabled us to more easily establish ongoing operations in PNG. We have assisted miners in PNG and other parts of the world develop basic operating discipline in their asset management and engineering projects.

Attending the APNGA breakfast

We recently attended the APNGA Business Breakfast, connecting with partners, industry experts, and even clients that have either established or are in the process of setting up mining operations in Australia.

We even had the opportunity to reconnect with PanAust, one of our most mature clients in Asset Management. In 2014-15, we worked with the company to develop an asset lifecycle management maturity strategy. Since then, the company has developed the very mature internal lifecycle management capability.

The event featured PanAust Managing Director Dr. Fred Hess as the guest speaker, a metallurgist with more than 30 years' experience in the extractives industry. He discussed PanAust's large-scale Frieda River Copper-Gold Project, which hopes to capitalise on one of the globe's most reputable, undeveloped copper-gold deposits.

Dr Hess outlined the strategy for the Frieda River endeavor, highlighting several decisions based on the company's experience in Laos, where he provided oversight of the Phu Kham Copper-Gold operation. PanAust's leaders believe the project will help build the Sepik region's infrastructure, delivering road access, shipping ports, health facilities and educational programs.

Bluefield AMS Managing Director and General Manager Gerard Wood led the life cycle management project to reduce PanAust's TCO.

How Bluefield assisted PanAust 

Bluefield AMS Managing Director and General Manager Gerard Wood led the project to help PanAust reduce its total cost of ownership. At the same time, the team recognised the mining company's need to maintain high-performance levels across all operations.

Mr. Wood and his colleagues developed financial life cycle cost models for PanAust's mobile assets. However, more importantly, the team developed a life cycle management program, which became part of the PanAust long-term planning process and enabled our client to minimise equipment TCO and improve the bottom line.

Being a part of an organisation such as APNGA has opened greater opportunities for us, enabling our staff to deliver asset management expertise to what is sure to be a growing economy.