Operation RAP

Mar 14, 2018 6:21:31 PM

Bluefield Reliability Awareness Program (Operation RAP)

In response to the market Bluefield has released its Reliability Awareness Program (Operation RAP). Many people in the industry are keen to increase the knowledge of reliability and quality of work but are unable to take people out of their teams in order to send them to a class based training program. Operation RAP allows the trades people and supervisors to stay at work and continue to learn about the fundamentals of reliability and quality of work during their day to day work activities.

The process involves daily review of the breakdowns and short discussions in the work place coupled with ongoing maintenance and operating inspections/visits to focus on reliability. The templates for the program, such as the "maintenance driven reliability (MDR) visit" can be utilised on site by the team to continue the learning and development of a reliability culture based on the quality of the work. The MDR templates can be utilised, in a similar way to safe job observations, but by the team themselves to help them learn about the practices that lead to reliable equipment.

It is recommended that the supervisors, tradespeople and planners would participate in the program on a part time basis over two days on site.