Many Questions and One Simple Answer

Mar 14, 2018 6:18:32 PM
  1. Can maintenance labour and parts cost be reduced?
  2. Can major failures be avoided?
  1. Can waste be eliminated?

The simple answer is yes


The current market demands more savings through optimisation at every level. Bluefield’s recent engagements with clients identified many opportunities through basic maintenance evaluations.

  1. Review of the PM service sheets actual work done identified over servicing which resulted in excessive use of labour and parts. The recommended hydraulic and steering oil replacement was 4000 hours but it was replaced every 2000 hours. Also, the rear axle oil was replaced every 1000 hours instead of 2000 hours.
  2. Editing of PM sheets without document control or review created major issues. One review found propel transmission oil hadn’t been changed for 4 years simply because a PM task was modified but not properly controlled or reviewed. The oil was eventually changed due to abnormal sample report and machine was down for longer period with various issues.
  1. While doing a site audit review we identified many new filters and o-rings stored in a container. These were excess items from the service kits which were not required or not applicable due to the changes made to equipment. The service kits consists were never changed which cost an estimated $10,000 in per annum in unnecessary parts.

While the maintenance metrics are essential and can provide information to manage maintenance activities, it is essential to have a regime of regular maintenance reviews either internal or via 3rd parties to ensure waste is minimised and the maintenance system is effective and efficient.

In any market…don’t miss the easy opportunities…ensure your maintenance review happens at regular intervals