Defect Elimination

Mar 14, 2018 4:32:17 PM

Managing equipment defects in a proactive manner is essential to get the best performance from your assets. Two things are required 1) a defect management process and 2) quality execution and review of that process.



Pretty simple really but it is amazing how time and time again a defect will become an unplanned breakdown and cause extra downtime and cost. If defects are not managed well in your organisation, this is a simple, low-cost improvement that has the potential to save thousands of dollars.

Recently I noticed treated water leaking from under a footpath near where I  live. Visually the water leak had been there for some time. I was able to lodge a customer request online to the local council (Defect Management Process). The repair was completed and a customer feedback form was mailed to my residence with a return envelope within 2 weeks of lodging the request which I completed and mailed back (Quality execution and review). This is an example of a process that works really well and would have no doubt saved the council a lot of money due to water loss elimination and completing the repair in a planned fashion. Good work Mackay Regional Council.