5 Common Mistakes Made When Changing Components

Mar 14, 2018 6:14:52 PM

What are the 5 common mistake when changing components?

1. Treating all component changes the same way: Many times people think all the component changes are just another task and forget the criticality of the individual component change out requirement. Some have more critical steps than others and require a greater focus on quality checks that must be part of the job procedure and commissioning checks.

2. Being too relaxed in collecting information: Every component is critical for the equipment performance and component life history is essential to ensure the equipment reliability. A lot of time will be lost chasing component history after failing to collect the information during component change outs. This includes capturing the as found and as left critical measurements, what items were replaced as part of the component replacement.

3. Forgetting Remove and Install checks: Performance checks both before and after component change out are equally critical. Even new components fail to meet quality standards some times and these checks will ensure the quality and as installed condition is understood with a good baseline.

4. Not taking control of quality work practices: The quality of work comes from the process and the control mechanisms followed during the entire change out procedure. One of the most critical factors to ensure the quality of work is communication between shift changeover. The quality of work at every step is important, not just before and after installation. Designing tasks in such a way to reduce human error is also essential. See our previous blog on, improving maintenance quality by reducing human error.

5. Equipment performance needs performance checks: It is inevitable that there is a lot of discussion about sending the machine back to work towards the end of the task, especially if the component change out is unscheduled. The pressure to get the machine back to work often leads to shortcuts in recommissioning and the critical performance checks, which are often left to the next service. Almost all commissioning or remove and install procedures require checks after a short time during operation but this is rarely scheduled in practice. 

Remember there is no one standard for each task but all component changes, need to follow one standard quality process….

  • Follow the quality procedures for the component replacement
  • Collect all information
  • Complete R&I checks
  • Control work quality with checklists
  • Complete commissioning performance checks and baseline