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Lifting People up to a Common Goal Pt 2

Guest: Richard Blayden
Nov 17, 2020 | 44 min to Listen

This episode follows on from last week’s discussion with Richard Blayden as he talks about making change in a workplace by lifting people up to a common overall context.

Richard discusses what is required to make lasting change and shares examples of how he has helped implement such change through his process utilising organisational charts, focussing on relationship, understanding data and asking the right questions. Richard also shares his top 5 pieces of advice for those wanting to get excellent results from their assets.

Listen to Part 1 of this episode here.

Some Topics That We Cover

  • [1:00]: The difference between driven change and emergent change and how lasting change requires people to make the change themselves
  • [3:00]: How the key is lifting people up to a common overall context and picture to align at a higher level and build the bigger picture.
  • [4:30]: How drawing an overall organisational chart is an eye opener for everybody
  • [5:20]: The process enables people to ask questions, raise relevant points and have questions answered with no fixed agenda, which can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people
  • [7:00]: How Richard’s recommendations to a struggling company produced great outcomes after they went through the difficult process
  • [7:45]: How the process is simply making the data and information available for everyone to see what’s really happening and how they need to change. The “oh shit” experience.
  • [9:30]: You can’t inject change into someone, you have to take them through an experience that causes them to
    make the change themselves. Richard talks through his process in his Maintenance Philosophy workshops.
  • [13:00]: Relialytics Equipment Condition Supervisor software
  • [14:45]: How Richard’s process results in self realisation by asking them the right questions
  • [16:30]: Moving from a paradigm of roles and responsibilities to relationship and understanding data
  • [19:00]: One of the first workshops Richard did on a remote mine site
  • [20:30]: Having a process as opposed to an agenda ensures that the people’s needs are prioritised
  • [24:30]: Richard’s advice to those wanting to get excellent results from their assets:
    Technical confidence – quality of work, repair strategy
  • [28:00]: How a defined repair strategy will prevent too much inspection and check work
  • [29:10]: 2. Data doesn’t lie. Capture it, analyse it and use the results
  • [31:10]: 3. Do what’s important today with a long term view
  • [31:30]: 4. Get philosophically aligned and keep working together. Think team contribution rather than hard structure.
  • [34:10]: 5. Consensus breeds stagnation. Differences in thought and opinion drive change and innovation.