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Keeping Your Systems Simple

Guest: Leigh Jameson
Aug 24, 2020 | 44 min to Listen

A system is a tool that delivers on business processes to reach strategic goals. A common mistake, however, is when businesses focus on the system instead of the outcome the system is intended to achieve. 

Our guest today is Leigh JamesonSenior Asset Management Specialist at Bluefield, and he shares from his wealth of knowledge regarding data analysis, systems and processes.  Beginning his career as a motor mechanic and moving into diesel fitting and numerous roles within the mining industry, Leigh’s vast experience has provided a unique perspective into how keeping systems simple lead to the best performance outcomes.

Throughout Leigh’s experience in the workplace, he discovered a passion for improving systems and asking the right questions to enable better outcomes and work quality.  Motivated by his desire to thoroughly investigate issues, Leigh spent nights reading and educating himself which eventually led him into the asset management space.

In this episode, Leigh shares his passion for systems improvement and how quality data underpinned by good business processes leads to work quality and positive outcomes on site.  He shares some of his positive and challenging experiences over the years and the lessons learned regarding the importance of simplifying systems.

A great system is only one aspect of achieving great results.  Leigh shares about the importance of developing a proactive culture on site where each person has a part to play.  When people are valued, motivated, and educated they can work together to look for areas of improvement and reduce administrative burden.

Some Topics That We Cover

  • [1:39]: Leigh’s work background and his experience working in the mines
  • [2:30]: How Leigh began to challenge the current systems to improve them and how that opened the door to new career opportunities
  • [5:09]: The importance of keeping focussed on what you’re trying to achieve to ensure systems are adding value
  • [7:00]: How Leigh made the transition into a systems specialist by teaching himself
  • [10:30]: Reporting in the asset management performance space and how it opens up opportunities for improvement
  • [12:00]: Technology saves valuable time and enables workers to focus on real outcomes instead of searching for data and errors in equipment
  • [13:00]: Leigh’s first experience of taking sole responsibility for an equipment failure on site and how a “bush fix” helped resolve the situation
  • [16:45]: The issues with solving problems in reactive mode as opposed to incorporating it into systems
  • [19:20]: Leigh tells a story of a crusher in need of repair and how going back to basics and doing a full investigation led to positive outcomes on site
  • [21:30]: How Leigh’s work experience in repairables gave him the insight to investigate and ask the right questions
  • [23:00]: How the service life of equipment is a factor that is overlooked
  • [25:27]: Leigh’s worst experience with equipment
  • [27:24]: How brainstorming together can help resolve issues and calm emotions
  • [29:22]: A time whilst working as a fitter when Leigh was under pressure to manage things on a shoestring budget
  • [30:30]: Communication is key and it leads to obtaining more support from leadership
  • [32:00]: The importance of focussing on simplifying processes and setting up critical data to deliver upon those
  • [35:00]: Recording failures: what you did is just as important as what you saw
  • [37:00]: How customising systems can lead to unnecessary issues and the importance of keeping systems simplified
  • [38:55]: Moving towards a proactive culture and how everyone has a part to play
  • [41:30]: Leigh’s advice to aspiring equipment systems and data specialists: keep it simple