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Focusing On The Fundamentals

Guest: Adrian Bancilhon
Apr 19, 2020 | 39 min to Listen

Adrian Bancilhon commenced his mining maintenance career in Western Australia though has enjoyed the last decade on Australia’s east coast. He has experience working with iron, ore, copper, aluminium, gold, and coal and has worked in roles from the shop floor up to the general manager of maintenance.

With a perfectionist trait, he is never satisfied with ‘good enough’ and continually analyses and questions the status quo. There is a relentless quest for improvement, efficiency, safety and all done with a can-do attitude. Amongst this critical analysis is an appreciation of people, culture and practises unique to any mining organisation, and Adrian touches on the importance of being informed of these when starting any management relationship.

Further to this, Adrian talks candidly about his worst experiences as a maintenance manager, a serious workplace accident, and the difficulties he has faced with general managers. Take 30 minutes out of your day to hear from Adrian and learn from his 30+ years of experience in mining maintenance.

Some Topics That We Cover

  • [3:05] – Adrian as a perfectionist, motivated to always improve and ignore the status quo
  • [3:39] – Focusing on the basics and improving from there
  • [4:25] – Leveraging energy and wisdom from an organisation to improve efficiency
  • [5:02] – Critically analysing your organisation, culture, people, and practices to achieve the best outcome
  • [8:00] – How the book “Leading Change” by Dr John Kotter changed Adrian’s idea of a leader
  • [9:50] – Getting sucked into being “reactive” as a new maintenance manager, instead of changing the game and
    focusing on lasting improvements
  • [10:10] – A time when we achieved the best outcomes from equipment
  • [11:20] – Tracking a highly successful project
  • [12:45] – The value in continuing to support the operations past the handover
  • [16:33] – Three key factors: project management discipline, experienced team, focusing on change management
  • [17:04] – Adrian’s worst experience as a maintenance manager
  • [18:11] – How a serious workplace accident gave Adrian newfound respect for the mining environment
  • [19:00] – Maintenance and reliability is inextricably linked to safety
  • [20:05] – The very real dangers that come with the territory and the affect that these dangers and accidents have
    on the families for the rest of their lives
  • [20:35] – Adrian’s most difficult time with a General Manager
  • [23:00] – Articulating your needs and why they are important to your GM and the impact this will have on your ability to do your job better/provide better outcomes
  • [26:07] – Focusing on work management: how we identify work, how we plan it, schedule, execute, review and improve it – it’s a cycle
  • [29:00] – What is a planned job observation?
  • [32:00] – In a reactive workplace, it’s important to focus on the people
  • [34:00] – Thinking that you know something because you’ve read it in a book without having applied it before or lived it, is naive and can be misconstrued as disrespectful
  • [35:12] – Advice to aspiring maintenance managers – you need to understand you are no more important than anyone else on the team. Focus on the people