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Developing Successful Strategies

Guest: Leigh Gould
Mar 03, 2020 | 40 min to Listen

Seldom do you come across mining maintenance managers with as many years of service, and as much variety of experience as our guest today.

Leigh Gould, a semi-retired mining maintenance manager with well over 30 years experience and roles spanning nearly every continent in the world, discusses his vast know-how with Gerard in this episode. His career in maintenance management began alongside the introduction of computers in the early 1980s in Weipa, and he became heavily involved in the development of programmed maintenance. Over the years, he has enjoyed time in gold, copper, aluminium, iron and coal mining representing a rarely seen multi-elemental maintenance manager.

Join Leigh and Gerard in their discussion of mining maintenance across all the elements, failure mode effect analysis and reliability centred maintenance, maintenance scheduling in the era of computational expanse, and dealing with resource-intensive root cause analysis.

Some Topics That We Cover

  • The differences and similarities between metals and coal
  • How technology has changed throughout Leigh’s career
  • The dawn of the very first MIMS code and programmable maintenance systems
  • The three key elements involved in achieving optimal maintenance operations
  • Everybody needs to know who their boss is
  • Difficulties you come across when your hands are tied by higher leadership
  • Leigh’s experience with mill re-lining and bolt-torquing in a $6K USD/min mill
  • Work quality is intrinsically embedded in safety and vice versa
  • The importance of finding a good mentor to help you throughout your career
  • Ask “why?” when something appears wrong to you
  • Don’t be afraid to employ people that you feel are smarter than you