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Building Trust Within The Workplace

Guest: Norm Doxanakis
Sep 24, 2019 | 23 min to Listen

We are joined today by Norm Doxanakis who has more than 30 years of experience in the mining industry, having worked in a variety of maintenance management roles across the globe in many different companies. He started from the shop floor and worked his way all the way up to the highest level in maintenance that you can go.

Norm has always had a clear focus on building trust within the workplace, and that becomes clear from our chat on the podcast today. He emphasises the importance of physically going onsite, talking to the workers, and finding out what the pain points are. You can’t always rely on the numbers and measurements, you need to talk to your teams, and get to the bottom of any less obvious issues that could be causing inefficiencies.

We’re sure that you will take plenty of learnings from this conversation and this will give you the knowledge to employ the insights learned here in your organizations to get more from your assets.

For more resources and information, head to the Bluefield Asset Management website. To learn more about getting the most out of your assets, grab a copy of Gerard’s book Simplifying Mining Maintenance.

Some Topics That We Cover

  • Scheduled servicing and fighting the battles to keep these consistent
  • Not waiting until a machine is broken, to bring it in for maintenance
  • Changing the breakdown culture/mentality to focus on scheduled downtime
  • Assessing your fleet, and proper staffing to accommodate
  • How quickly a site can turn around after shifting the focus to quality downtime and servicing
  • The importance of gaining data and information on your vehicles to ascertain where the issues are
  • Talking to your staff and visiting the site to get in there and truly understand how a fleet is performing
  • Treating the workers with respect and listening to their ideas or concerns