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Building A Reliability Culture

Guest: Phil McMahon
Mar 27, 2020 | 29 min to Listen

Phil McMahon has a wealth of experience in maintenance and reliability. After many years working across numerous industries, Phil came to an epiphany that no matter how great a system he had, it was the person maintaining the equipment that really mattered. Delving deeper into his discovery, Phil studied Psychology at UNE to gain insight and understanding on how he could implement workplace systems whilst ensuring the focus was on the person doing the job.

In this episode, Phil shares some of his experiences in the workplace and the changes he has seen when sites invest in the ‘human element’. When we focus on what individuals are naturally inclined to do, they are empowered and able to work with purpose, thus producing better results.

You can have a man maintain a piece of equipment without a system, but you can’t have a system maintain anything without the man.

Some Topics That We Cover

  • [2:16]: An overview of Phil’s background and industry experience
  • [4:00]: Phil’s journey of discovery into the people side of things
  • [7:43]: The importance of facilitating an individual’s existing skills to work with mastery, autonomy and purpose
  • [9:50]: How trying to improve things can actually make it worse
  • [13:05]: Phil’s key elements to achieving and measuring success
  • [18:12]: Dangers and accidents on site
  • [20:54]: How to approach difficulties with GM’s to bring balance back to the site
  • [22:42]: Reinforcing ownership to ensure quality of work is great and re-work is minimised
  • [24:19]: Removing a blame culture and seizing the opportunity for learning
  • [26:16]: The importance of the Front Line Supervisor and how they play a vital role in getting the best impact on equipment performance.
  • [27:36]: Phil’s advice to new and aspiring maintenance managers.